HTC odpiera zarzuty Apple (uszczegółowienie)

Nawiązując do artykułu @Wojt@s-a chciałem się z Wami podzielić i uzupełnić ww. artykuł o szczegółową listę zarzutów skierowanych przez Apple pod adresem HTC, o których pisał autor:

1. Time-Based, Non-Constant Translation Of User Interface Objects Between States

2. Touch Screen Device, Method, And Graphical User Interface For Determining Commands By Applying Heuristics

3. Unlocking A Device By Performing Gestures On An Unlock Image

4. List Scrolling And Document Translation, Scaling, And Rotation On A Touch-Screen Display

5. System And Method For Managing Power Conditions Within A Digital Camera Device

6. Automated Response To And Sensing Of User Activity In Portable Devices

7. GMSK Signal Processors For Improved Communications Capacity And Quality

8. Conserving Power By Reducing Voltage Supplied To An Instruction-Processing Portion Of A Processor

9. Object-Oriented Graphic System

10. Object-Oriented Event Notification System With Listener Registration Of Both Interests And Methods

11. Method for providing automatic and dynamic translation of object oriented programming language-based message passing into operation system message passing using proxy objects

12. Object Oriented Multitasking System

13. Object-Oriented Operating System

14. Method and apparatus for distributing events in an operating system

15. Encapsulated network entity reference of a network component system

16. System and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data

17. Message protocol for controlling a user interface from an inactive application program

18. Real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data

19. Method and apparatus for handling I/O requests utilizing separate programming interfaces to access separate I/O service

20. Extensible, replaceable network component system

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  1. Jeśli ktoś jest zainteresowany bardziej szczegółowym opisem, to można go znaleźć na gizmodo wraz z ilustracjami do poszczególnych patentów.

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